It is important to remember that effective ant control can be difficult. If you have ants so will your neighbours. Ants from your neighbours property will eventually spread back to your place. we have treatment options to maintain ant control at your place even if your neighbours do nothing about there ants. The pest control NZ will never kill all ants in NZ but only try to control them in areas.

Ant Control Programme

Intially we will visit the property, identify the problem areas, trace the ants back to the nest if possible and identify the species of ant. We then apply bait around the outside of the house which will draw the ants outside, We will also apply a barrier treatment around the outside of the home so that ants will walk through it and carry the barrier treatment product along with the bait back to the nest which will ultimately destroy the nest. Quarterly maintenance treatment, at a small extra charge to stop ants getting back into your home is needed as if not maintained the problem will be back to how it was in 6 -- 9 months, if not sooner depending on the neighbourhood population of ants.

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If you have an ant problem it is important to eliminate all contributing factors to your problem Vegetation touching a house acts as a bridging for ants, thus making control difficult. Remove Foileage and rubbish bins away from house.

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