Bed Bugs


 The following steps should help you contaminate and eliminate your problem:

 Step 1: Don’t panic

 Bedbugs don’t have nests, but they do tend to live in groups. Their hiding places are not only mattresses, it can be  bed frames, headboards and anywhere else that is close to their food source. Bedbugs can move through the  bedroom and spread into nearby rooms. Remember bed bugs feed on blood, both human and animal, and they do  not carry diseases but their bites are itchy and irritating.

 Step 2: Isolate

 Most people freak out and throw their bed away. Do not do that. There is a high possibility that the bed bugs have  already spread and your new mattress will be infested in no time. Instead isolate the room where you found the bed  bugs, and then make sure to do this systematically throughout the house.

 Step 3: Clean the clutter

 Make sure you reduce the hiding spaces of the tiny critters to one or two areas. While cleaning up, make sure to  double bag everything, thoroughly vacuum the mattress, headboards, ceilings, and everywhere else there are cracks  and groves.  Make sure to repeat this step in every room.

 The Bug Stops Here!