Rat & mouse control is essential to combat this serious pest risk to humans. Rat & mice gnawing habits, which are necessary to control the size of there chisel sharped front teeth, cause damage to building, plumbing, gas pipes & electrical wiring. They have even been found to be the cause of building fires.

Rats & mice are also responsible for enormous loss of food & for their ability to transmit diseases to humans such as Salmonella food poisoning, leptospirosis, tape worm, etc & of course they can transmit fleas and may bite if scared or cornered. Whether it is crops or food, rats & mice consume and contaminate huge amounts of food by eating & leaving behind faecal droppings and urine where they infest.

They are cunning & often very cautious pests which live very successfully in both urban and rural environments. Any rat or mice you see are scouts for a much larger population. Baiting is a very effective way of controlling rats & mice as they scurry about looking for food. Positive pest Control use attractive baits which are pinned inside locked bait stations. We can tell how much bait has been eaten and so we know how big a problem you have at your place.

We visit & inspect your home or business 4 times over a period of approximately 6 weeks and check each station & replace the bait as necessary. On the 4th visit, all uneaten bait and stations are removed from your property. If bait is still being consumed we must continue to visit & bait. This will cost extra. If you live or work in an area with high rodent numbers on going rat & mice treatments are recommended. If you are in a food business or have buildings close to parks, bush, streams, orchards, crops, gardens rat & mice control is essential. 

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